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Our Brands – BUD Spirits

We proudly present BUD spirits. In addition to rakia, our distillery also produces honey rakias, liqueurs, two types of gin, and Pelinkovac – the Bitter Liqueur.

Honey Liqueurs

Our preferred honey liqueurs are made with plum rakia as a base, with an addition of natural high-quality honey and different herbs or spices. We
offer you six different varieties of honey liqueur, all perfectly balanced, and moderately sweet with an aroma of ripe plums. All honey liqueurs contain 34% of alcohol.

Belgrade Gin

BUD Spirits include two types of gin, conceived and crafted in Belgrade. Dry and Distilled gin made in our distillery have pleasant herbal and citrusy notes, and both are perfect as a cocktail ingredient or a straight drink, with some lemon slices and an ice cube.


Varying from 25 to 30% of alcohol, our liqueurs are perfect digestive, served slightly chilled. The base for our fruit liqueurs is plum rakia, while there’s also one for all fans of herbal and bitter drinks – Bitter Liqueur.

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