Burying barrels with rakia has been practiced in Serbia since ancient times. The highest quality rakias were put in the barrels and buried into the ground to ensure safety and to provide the required level of humidity and temperature. The rakia obtained with this process was extremely appreciated. It provided pronounced aromas of oak and specific density, and was served only on special occasions – for marriage, birth and other important dates.

The RAKIA BANK aims to preserve this ancient custom but in a modern set-up.

How does the Rakia Bank work?

Belgrade Urban Distillery offers the opportunity to create your own rakia “blend” and save it in our Rakia Bank. A blend of distillate of your choice, with our little help, will be poured in a barrel of your choice. Multiple sizes of barrels are available including 50,100 or 220 liters. Once the barrel is full, you will seal it, and we will keep for you until a certain date. After aging the rakia for 6 months to max 36 months, we will open barrels together and put your rakia in bottles with your label. Your rakia will be safe with us.

What rakias are available and what is the quality of the product?

We offer apple, apricot, quince, and plum rakias. All distillates meet all standards set by the local government authorities and are made from fruit, without added colors and aromas.

Who can be a client of the Rakia Bank?

Both companies and individuals can invest in their barrels of rakia. Your rakia can then be used for personal consumption, as a gift, for restaurants, business gifts, etc.

Is it possible to buy barrels of rakia from abroad?

Yes, it is possible to order barrels of rakia even if you do not live in Serbia. You can choose your “blend”, after which we will send a sample to your address. If you decide to buy a barrel with your rakia, we will record the whole process of filling, sealing the barrel. We will send you a stamp and a card, with which you can open the barrel the first time you come to Belgrade.

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