Belgrade Urban Distillery is committed to presenting a fair and balanced image of alcohol consumption. We aim to promote convivial enjoyment and support consumption patterns that are far from any type of excess or misuse

We fully embrace the strategy of the World Health Organization in reducing the harmful use of alcohol  WHO NCD Global Monitoring Framework. The WHO strategy is articulated along five key objectives 

  1. global awareness of the magnitude and nature of the health, social and economic problems caused by harmful use of alcohol
  2. strengthened knowledge base on the magnitude and determinants of alcohol related harm and on effective interventions to reduce and prevent such harm 
  3. increased technical support to prevent the harmful use of alcohol and manage alcohol-use disorders and associated health conditions
  4. strengthened partnerships and better coordination among stakeholders and increased mobilization of resources required for appropriate and concerted action to prevent the harmful use of alcohol 
  5. improved systems for monitoring and surveillance at different levels, and more effective dissemination and application of information for advocacy, policy development and evaluation purposes 

We encourage our customers to contact a doctor in case of alcohol problems. 

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