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What is Rakia?

Rakia is a spirit made from fruit, distilled on copper pot stills, with
a long tradition and an important role in the customs and history of the
Serbian region. This drink is locally made for centuries, and many
people from the Balkans share it as a part of their culture. For quality
rakia, several things are indispensable – ripe, organic fruit,
chemically checked and distilled water, high-quality distilling pots,
years of practice and knowledge, and experienced technicians.

Who Is Branko?

BRANKO rakia is a premium hand-crafted distillate made from ripe,
locally grown, and carefully picked fruit. There’s no compromising
regarding quality – BRANKO rakias contain only the best fruit from our
orchards or local farmers and distilled water. Our reputation is of the
utmost importance to us, so no additional aromas, sugar, colors,
additives, or flavor enhancers are allowed here.

Why Branko?

All BRANKO rakias are made respecting the traditional procedures of
double distillation in small copper stills and innovative mixtures of
flavors, recreating the idea of a Serbian traditional drink. This allows
all of our customers to try the best rakia they’ve ever had, and to see
what this drink should taste like.

BRANKO drinks are made by supporting the Serbian agricultural industry
and local farmers. All the fruit, water, and oak for the barrels come
from Serbia, which makes BRANKO an authentic brand that proudly
represents the best of this country.

Have a look at our premium and traditional rakias.

BRANKO can be used to prepare amazing cocktails.
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